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“It didn't make you noble to step away from something that wasn't working, even if you thought you were the reason for the malfunction. Especially then. It just made you a quitter. Because if you were the problem, chances were you could also be the solution. The only way to find out was to take another shot.” | “Solving a problem for which you know there’s an answer is like climbing a mountain with a guide, along a trail someone else has laid. In mathematics, the truth is somewhere out there in a place no one knows, beyond all the beaten paths. And it’s not always at the top of the mountain. It might be in a crack on the smoothest cliff or somewhere deep in the valley.”




Pt. D.C. Bhargava

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vashikaran mantra in hindi for wife
Om namoh kaal shakti kamini. Shodash Varshiya madak yauvan dharini. Amuk mujh par ho diwana/diwani. Aur ko dekhe jale, bale. Kewal mujhse rati kare. Tane adesh kaal ka. Toko jine raaj dilaya. Mere kaha na kare to rakshashdev ki aan. Omkar meri raksha kare sarvprakar, Prabrahm parmatma pooran nirakar. Meri bhakti. guru ki shakti. Phuro mantra.

Keep the photo of your beloved before you, if you have, otherwise in your mind.

Light an earthen lamp using mustard oil with dhoop and agarbatti. Make a circle

around you using a pen, your index finger or wood. Put some drops of your blood

into the oil in the lighted earthen lamp. Then japa this mantra 108 X 10 times.

Your beloved will soon madly in love with you

Get powerful Vashikaran mantra to convey your love back eternally with you.Get powerful Vashikaran mantra to bring your love back eternally with you.Make your partners parents agree to Love wedding ceremony solve the problems between any connection Control the mind of husband and wife by vashikaran mantras.Vashikaran Mantras are used to control an important person to make him/her act as per our wish/order.Vashikaran Mantra is used to control an important person whom you love or want him to love you. It is also used to get your ex back.Vashi Karan Mantra,Mantras to be in command of ladies, males, superiors and subordinate.

Vashikaran is an Occult knowledge of Attraction which drive up immense powers with the amalgamation on Mantra and Yantra. It’s a Science which is used to Control the Minds, Thoughts, Feelings, Speech, Action and Behavior of the person.Vashikaran is a Mystical gift bestow by our Rishis and Sages. It was devised with one Aim i.e. To Attract the one you Desire or to bring your dearly loved under your control. This Mystical Eastern Art is been used since ages.

Vashikaran Mantra In Hindi For Wife